October 03, 2023

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Celebrities XXXPosed – Crossing Boundaries

Celebrities XXXPosed – Crossing Boundaries

Celebrities XXXPosed are everywhere, the internet, radios stations, and televisions. In recent wake of seeing pictures of Rihanna stepping out into Da Silvano Restaurant in New York wearing a completely see through top makes me ask the question: are celebrities making horrible "Lindsay Lohan"wardrobe choices over and over again, or are they exposing themselves to keep our eyes glued? I love Rihanna’s tracks, but she’s an artist that’s revealed more skin than top 10 hits.  Harsh? No! She pulled the exact same stunt during Diddy’s New Year’s Eve bash, and this time exposing enough to see jewelry.

Rihanna has enough beauty and talent to remain relevant.  It seems like just a few years ago we were listening to a pretty young girl from Barbados singing “Pon De Replay.”  We are now lucky to have unforgettable hits like “Run This Town” with Jay-Z and Kanye and “Talk that Talk.” To Rihanna and the other xxxtremely exposed celebrities, your talent (like Whitney Houston) is what we’ll cherish forever, not what body pats you exposed years ago.

Celebrities need good press, and this need creates great pressure to become attractive and appealing. In a Fox News Q&A session, The Princess of Press Lindsay Lohan said that ..”you also want to be appealing to guys and stuff, that’s just something girls feel….You want to be that girl that’s unattainable to all the guys because there are so many other girls out there…..” My message to Lindsay, Rihanna, and the xxxposed celebrity: there are boundaries between appealing, provocative, and trashy. The problem today is that these boundaries have been reduced to single strands of silk. We cannot see them, we don’t know what they look like, all we know is that they exist.


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