January 18, 2018

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Bruno Mars Girlfriend Lives In Fear

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 Bruno Mars Girlfriend Lives In Fear

Bruno Mars Girlfriend Lives In Fear

Bruno Mars new girlfriend model Jessica Caban is in fear of her life because ever since she has been dating Bruno
Mars she has been receiving threats against her life. She has been receiving threats on different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter since they went public with their relationship. Jessica Caban was also attacked by a jealous fan head on during a night out at the Chelsea Room in her New York City on August 13th. Can we say haters? As Jessica (who is a Latina model) took pictures out on the street with the club manager a person was alleged to have yelled, “I hate it when bitches don’t keep it real!” See this is why I said hater. I really hate the term hater but this is where it really fits.


Jessica said that from now on she is getting a body guard when she goes to events. Ladies please don’t be mad at her for landing Bruno Mars. She is beautiful and he made a great choice. I hope she isn’t into drugs like Bruno Mar is. I remember a while back I did a story about Bruno being arrested in Las Vegas for having drugs on him. I like Bruno Mars. He is known for great hits like “Just The Way You Are”, “Grenade” and my all-time favorite song “The Lazy Song.” I really love that song. I need one of those days but the female version. Anyway when I wrote the other article I was wondering what kind of drugs he was caught with. It never really said. So fortunately I have some connections and I am going to say allegedly Bruno Mars was arrested with cocaine.


I was shocked. A friend of mine has a relative that works for the police station and this is the information that I received. Come on Bruno, why? But if this is what these crazy women want then go for it, but only if he is single. But while this man has a lady, leave him alone for Christ sake. This stalker, crazed fan stuff is getting over rated and out of hand. These females need to get it together. Obvious he didn’t chose you because you have nothing to offer. What man in that status would want to date a woman with no class and no substance? That’s what most of these crazed fans have. They also have nothing to offer him. So he chose a woman on his level with something to offer. Guess what that is? Her own life and her own career. Not just some chick off of the streets with her hand out expecting to make bank from his money. That is not happening. So instead of threating his lady, take a look in the mirror and fix you and leave them alone. You will be much happier in your life. I think this is the last time I am going to write an article about these stalkers. I don’t even want to give them another look. Don’t stalk me because trust I will stalk you back worst…

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