January 26, 2021

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Beyonce Pregnant

So Beyonce is FINALLY pregnant. I think this is as exciting as a presidential election. I can’t believe it. Beyonce pregnant by husband Jay-Z. Now she is going to get fat. Ok maybe not, she has money and she can "beyonce"work the baby weight off but wow. Isn’t she on tour? I wonder how this is going to affect her tour of her new album.But I am still excited and happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Beyonce showed off her baby bump at the VMAs. She was wearing a beautiful red gown… Side bar, Beyonce has been wearing red to the VMAs for a while now. What is the meaning of that? Anyway it took them long enough. But I hope she doesn’t think that this is going to keep Jay faithful, because the rumor has been out on him for a while now about him cheating on Beyonce. Well he is a Sagittarius.


I was married to one they stray. So I hope she isn’t one of those females that think it’s going to tie her man down. How about a lot of celebrities, after they have kids they split. Look at Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. The kids are what 2 or 3. Also look what happened to Nas and Kelis. I don’t think their baby was completely out of the womb before they were filing for divorce. I knew Kelis was a gold digger. She got $50,000a month for child support. CRAZY!


Now Beyonce is beautiful and Jay is ok, wonder who the baby will look like. I pray it doesn’t get Jay’s nose and lips. Especially if it’s a girl. But everyone is focused on Jay cheating, woman step out too nowadays. I’m not saying B is a cheater lol just making a point. I love Beyonce and I am happy for her. Let’s pray for a successful term of the pregnancy, an easy delivery and the success of the marriage continuing to hold like glue for the little one and for them.


Ms Luvly


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