September 29, 2020

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Beyonce Baby Conspiracy Did She Really Have One

Beyonce Baby Conspiracy Did She Really Have One

Ok, I wrote an article before named “Will Beyonce and Jay-Z Separate”. This is the link https://vyzionradio.com/beyonce-jayz/. So in that article "Beyonce"I talked about how Beyoncé might be separating from Jay-Z because he wanted a child and she didn’t. Beyoncé was always heard saying that she didn’t want any kids. Then all of a sudden she pops up “pregnant” but for only 7 months.

Now when I went back and reread my own article I realized that my conspiracy theory was on point. I believe that Beyoncé didn’t really want a baby but she didn’t want to lose Jay in the process. So what do you do? Fake a pregnancy. Then it is a win win. I’m not saying that the baby isn’t theirs. That beautiful baby probably is. But what I am saying is I really believe that B had a surrogate for the baby. Jessica Simpson is still pregnant and they were supposed to be a month apart. See that is why I think my theory is on point. So Beyoncé gave Jay-Z the baby that he wanted and saved their relationship. Beyoncé never looked pregnant to me at all. I can’t help but compare her to Jessica Simpson because Jessica is big as a house now. She has taken nude pictures of her belly and everything. As sexual and seductive as Beyoncé is and as proud of being pregnant as she said she was, why didn’t she take those type of pictures and why was she so secretive about the whole pregnancy. Because she had a surrogate, that’s why. I know it. I feel it in my bones. Beyonce’s friend Michelle Williams was surprised that Beyonce was pregnant. She remembers B saying she never wanted kids. Kelly Rowland tried to play it off like she was with it and pleasantly surprised. That’s a bunch of BS. They knew Beyonce didn’t want a child. Plus why would she want to ruin her precious body. Her legs are to die for so there was no way she was spitting a child out of that. Yes this is my opinion and my conspiracy theory but I still believe it until I am proven wrong. The only way I can be proven wrong is if Beyonce comes up to me and said, “Ms. Luvly, I had Blue thru my vagina and I can prove it. “ That’s the only way I would believe. But if she really didn’t have the baby, then why make such a big deal about the cover up. Angela Bassett was open about having a surrogate for her twins. So what’s the big deal? The secrets of the whole situation are what’s going to keep me going on and on about the situation until someone proves me wrong.

Also let’s wait to see when Blue gets older and see who she really looks like. Right now she is a beautiful baby that looks like neither. But most babies don’t look like anyone that young. Watch in about 2 years the baby is going to be 5 instead of 2 and we are going to believe that it’s been that many years. People still believe Beyoncé is the age she is telling and I keep telling people that she was born in 1978. Anyway, I just got off topic but it is what it is. I still believe that B didn’t have Blue and she had a surrogate to please Jay so he wouldn’t leave her. He wanted to continue his legacy…

MS. Luvly

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