February 22, 2024

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Azalia Music Festival all female Dj Spin Off for the Ice Cube

DJ MoeJo
DJ MoeJo
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The first time ever all female DJ battle took place at the Azalia Music Festival last weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Main Stage was the place to be this Saturday night in April 2019, where 5 extremely talented female Djs took the stage to showcase their expressions through music for the 8 thousand people attendance.

DJ MoeJoThese 5 female Djs have different styles and unique musical selections but one thing they all have in common is they play with major bass and rock the crowd with uplifted energy and good vibrations throughout the place!! These special disk jockeys all have many years of experience in their game and each one really brought their A -Game to the experience.

Dj Alex A was the energetic host and readily got the crowd amped up to get the party started!! Music from the old school dance hall days to new music in the rap and radio jam genres and some good classic American jams as well. We had a little bit of everything for everybody!

The 5 female Djs are named Jay Fade who is resident DJ in Myrtle Beach for the NoPi events every year, as well as night clubs and also does her thing out in Vegas Nightclubs. The next Dj is Midday Miss, this Dj has been a radio personality for over 20 years, her radio station is Coast 97.3 and she is an excellent and very acknowledgeable music personnel in the industry.  Then we have DJ MILK, she is a resident DJ in Wilmington NC, playing in all the major clubs at the beach including the famous Pravda Nightclub! The next DJ was crowned our Winner of the contest!! Dj Precisa from Savanna, Georgia stole the show with her blend of sexy latin sound and edgy hip hop style with a unique and skilled scratch routine embedded into the sound, she is one of Top Golfs main Dj’s and she travels all over the east coast including miami! Last but not least we have Mojo Le Fay who took a breakbeat spin with old school and 90’s hip hip lyrics that blended in with the beat, representing the dance music flavor to the show, all had different sounds for the festival and the crowd got to hear different styles from all 5 Djs and they really showed the people a good time!!! All 5 of these Djs have over 10 years of experience doing what they do and they do it well!!

There will be more events for these girls and their host to grace the stage again, they are humbled by the experience and all are excited to see what the future is for the new styles of female DJ Spin Off events.

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