October 03, 2023

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Allen Iverson

So Allen Iverson (former Sixers Basketball player A.I.) is in debt up the wazoo. I never knew that the court could access to your bank account "Allen Iverson"whenever they wanted. CRAZY! Well A.I. owes Aydin & Company Jeweler $370,000 for jeweler that he allegedly stiffed them for. So A.I. was sued back in 2010 for not paying his bill. So he walks around with all this bling knowing it’s not paid for. So a Georgia judge garnished the former NBA star’s earnings so that A. I. could repay the 6 figure debt. But records show that A.I. never responded to the lawsuit, so a default judgment was issued in favor of the jewelry store. It allows A&C to collect $859,896.46 for the jewelry, court cost, interest and attorney’s fees. How about A.I. still didn’t pay. So now the judge signed off on an order which allows the store to recoup their losses directly from A.I.’s Wells Fargo bank account. Wow. What will happen next? A.I. will close the bank account and move his money elsewhere? That’s what I would do if I was him.

It’s really sad that this is happening to him. A.I. is like the Unsung of NBA. He went from this huge NBA Star to this. I am disappointed. I remember when he was on the Sixers; he had Philadelphia all a buzz. He kept the city on its toes. He was out and about in the public’s eyes. I think everyone partied with him. He turned the Fridays on City Line ave into Club Fridays. To this day people still  go there to party and BS. It’s a hot restaurant. A.I. put it on the map. But then he had his down fall and his scandals. Fights with his now ex-wife. Public arguments. It’s like he started to have his down fall. Then he was traded to Denver Nuggets in 2006, leaving The City of Brotherly Love with a hole in its heart. At that time he was happy with the trade but I don’t think the city was. A.I went form the Denver Nuggets to Detroit Pistons and then to Memphis Grizzles. Then he returned back to the Sixers in 2009 to 2010 to retire. To me it seems like his career went down hill after leaving Sixers.

His divorce in 2011 was nasty. His estranged wife said A.I. went on a massive spending spree leaving her completely penniless. That is so sad. Guess he didn’t want anyone to have his money. Tawann (A.I.’s wife) claimed ever since she filed for divorce A.I. stop depositing money in their joint account and the made several large cash withdrawals. She claims the account was $23,000 in the red at the time she filed for divorce.

I don’t know how A&C think they are going to get their money back for the jewelry when A.I.  supposedly isn’t supporting his own family. I hope Tawann statements are not true. What kind of man would leave his family high and dry? It is really sad what this world is coming to and that the family structure is struggling. A.I gets it together. Pay your debts and take care of your family divorce or not…

Ms. Luvly
Spin Live Weekly

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