October 03, 2023

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Alicia Goemaat Charged with Murdering Boyfriend’s Son

Alicia Goemaat 20 years old from West Seattle, Washington has been charge with kicking her boyfriend’s baby to death. According to authorities Alicia Goemaat has been charged with second-degree murder.

According to reports she was immediately taken into custody after she admitted that she kicked her boyfriends Derek Alicia Goemaat MurderLehto child causing fatal injury.The child’s grandmother reported that the father was out running errands while his girlfriend of four months Alicia Goemaat was home with his child and her child. Supposedly the son Alicia Goemaat got into a fight with the murdered child over a toy. According to authorities. She allegedly kicked the 17 month old several times for before leaving him in a baby crib. The child’s dad later found the baby on responsive.

The autopsy showed that the child Drue Lehto died of abdominal trauma and internal bleeding. The child also suffered a fractured clavicle. The victims grandmother stated that the father is devastated and can’t believe that his girlfriend could be responsible for allegedly killing his son.

The father’s mother, Maria Blanco has set up a go fund me page to seek help with the burial arrangements for the child. It gets even stranger because, according to the Seattle Children’s Hospital a week before the incident. The child was taken to the hospital for bruises and scratches. That incident was reported to child protective services but apparently nothing got done.

According to friends of Alicia Goemaat . She had a a history of drug addiction and would often become very angry at the child and would scream and him if he did not stop crying. Her boyfriend told authorities that the night before she admitted to the crime. This she tried to commit suicide, but he stopped her. Alicia Goemaat is being held on $1 million bail and it has not been reported whether or not she has entered a plea.

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