October 04, 2015

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DJ Johnny

DJ Johnny grew up in a profoundly musical household. He is nonetheless a completely self-taught DJ. At the age of TEN, DJ Johnny was inspired by his uncle from the first day he was taken to help him at a private party. He was always interested on what controlled all the sounds, and how every button controlled the mixer. During that private party DJ Johnny knew what his calling was and it was “MUSIC”.

At the age of 12 DJ Johnny was able to learn the basic controls while learning to save money and to buy all the necessary gear from a part-time job. From staying up late, learning all the controls and reading all the instructional books, DJ Johnny could not stop getting enough about the DJ world. DJ Johnny has been rocking the decks, and playing in local bars and clubs in his hometown of the Bronx, NY.

DJ JOHNNY has been an aspiring HOUSE DJ in the music industry. In his early promising career, He has performed in the most well known clubs through-out the Tri-State-Area. His talent has brought him to spin alongside the worlds greatest DJs (Skribble, Manny Leaman, Johnny Viscous, Jonathan Peters, Mike Rizzo, Johnny Rocks, George Calle and Hex Hector) to name a few.

In the past Ten years DJ JOHNNY’s career has brought him to his next step, Producing music and calibrate with Victor Bruno & Chris Trevett. From then on, Our calibration lead to New York’s Radio Station WKTU 103.5. We have worked with amazing artists such as, George Lamond, Coro, Reina, Cover Girls, Lucas Prata, Dee Roberts, The Haya Doin Boys, Aria and more.

DJ Johnny has done it all and he is not going to STOP!

**Latest Release**

*OuroBoros- Rob Bello (Johnny Trombetta Remix)

*Zone – Austin Hunter Feat. Johnny Trombetta (Original Mix)

*Banged Up! – Austin Hunter Feat. Johnny Trombetta (Original & 5AM Mix)

*Fake – Austin Hunter Feat. Johnny Trombetta (Original & Johnny’s Dirty Mix)

*Ti Amo – Aria (Sky-Hi Titanium Dub) Johnny Trombetta

*”Haya Doin’? Yankees 1999 /// 12 Days of Guido Christmas  – Haya Doing Boys (Victor Bruno & Additional Production By Johnny Trombetta)

Independent Films: (2010)

A Louis Lombardi Film “Dough Boys”

Staring Louis Lombardi, Vincent Pastore, Mike Starr, Andrew Keegan & Gaetano. Original Score By Victor Bruno. Additional Score Production By Johnny Trombetta.

Harrington Talents



OH! Music

Sky-Hi Sounds

Electrified Mindz

Websites: Beatport, Stompy, Primal, Wasabeat,Amazon,Rhapsody,Muve,Google Music,Dance Tunes,ITunes,eMusic,Rdio,Spotify, Eircom


Venues I SHAKED :

Club Exit (NYC)

KTU radio station (NYC)

Roxy Nightclub (NYC)

China Club (NYC)

The Tunnel (NYC)

LimeLight Nightclub (NYC)

New York Saloon (NYC)


Amnesia Super Club (BKNY)

Metropolis Nightclub (Queens, NY)

Mirage Nightclub (Westbury, NY)

Glo Nightclub (Westbury, NY)

Studio 4 (Fort Lee, NJ)

Velvet Lounge (Bronx, NY)

Chazz Lounge (Bronx, NY)

Casba Lounge (Bronx, NY)

Midnight Lounge (Bronx, NY)

Wild Palm Nightclub (Bronx, NY)

Gallery Lounge (Bronx, NY)

7one8 Lounge (Bronx, NY)

Café Aurora (Mt. Vernon, NY)

Arena Nightclub (New Rochelle, NY)

Deep Nightclub (New Rochelle, NY)

Rush Nightclub (New Rochelle, NY)

The New Palladium Nightclub (New Rochelle, NY)

Club Hollywood (New Rochelle, NY)

Madison’s Nightclub (New Rochelle, NY)

The Ramada (New Rochelle, NY)

The City (New Rochelle, NY)

Emanon Nightclub (White Plains, NY)

Pearl Nightclub (White Plains, NY)

Chrome Nightclub (White Plains, NY)

Aura Nightclub (White Plains, NY)

Great American Pub (White Plains, NY)

Prophecy Nightclub (White Plains, NY)

Black Bear (White Plains, NY)

Thirsty Turtle (White Plains, NY)

Kelly’s (White Plains, NY)

Elements (White Plains, NY)

AntiPasti (White Plains, NY)

Saltwater Grill (Stamford, CT)

Premiere Nightclub (Stamford, CT)

Mor Nightclub (Stamford, CT)

Venue Nightclub (Stamford, CT)

Madeira Bar & Lounge (Stamford, CT)

G/R/A/N/D Nightclub (Stamford, CT)

Twenty Nightclub (Stamford, CT)

White Room (Greenwich, CT)

Rain Ultra Lounge (Norwalk CT)

Night Life Lounge (Yonkers, NY)

The Pier View (Yonkers, NY)

Guilty Nightclub (Yonkers, NY)

Razzous Nightclub (Yonkers, NY)

Rockin Robin (Yonkers, NY)

Club FireStone (Orlando, FL)

Motion Nightclub (Orlando, FL)

Destiny Nightclub (Orlando, FL)

For all mix sets visit my soundcloud.com/Bpmfactory1


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