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Marta Urbaniak From Lomza, Poland Breaking International Records

Marta Urbaniak is singer/songwriter/dancer/performer who was born in Lomza, Poland. From her early age she had passion for music and dance. Read more

Cooperation from a Soldier - Preception Attitude Focus Results

Cooperation is when a group of soldiers found themselves locked away in a German prison camp during World War II

, they easily could have waited out the end of the war there. Or, they might have made a few small attempts to free one or two people. "teamwork"At one such camp, however, the goals were much bigger. These prisoners organized themselves around the collective goal of freeing 250 soldiers in one night. Their story became the basis for the 1963 movie The Great Escape.

Imagine the teamwork required to pull off such an ambitious goal. Groups of prisoners had to engineer and dig tunnels, build supports from wooden slats, dispose of dirt, create bellows to pump air into the tunnels, and light the tunnels. According to one list, the supplies included 4,000 bed slats, 1,370 battens, 1,699 blankets, 52 long tables, 1,219 knives, 30 shovels, 600 feet of rope and 1,000 feet of electric wire.

In addition to finding materials for the tunnels, each escapee would need civilian clothes, German papers, identity cards, maps, homemade compasses and emergency rations. Everyone had a job, from tailors to pickpockets to forgers. There were even teams that specialized in distracting the German soldiers.

"It demanded the concentrated devotion and vigilance of more than 600 men—every single one of them, every minute, every hour, every day and every night for more than one year," John Sturges, who directed the movie account, once said. "Never has the human capacity been stretched to such incredible lengths or shown such determination and such courage."

To pull off such an elaborate mission, the soldiers moved beyond cooperation and into collaboration. You see, there's a difference between cooperation and collaboration. Cooperation is working together agreeably. Everybody sits down, and they're agreeable. Collaboration is working together aggressively; and there's a world of difference between those two.

There are four changes needed to become a collaborative type of a player: 1.         Perception. You need to see teammates differently; you need to see them as collaborators, not as competitors.

2.         Attitude. As a team player, you need to be supportive, not suspicious, of teammates, because if you trust others, you'll treat them differently—you'll treat them better.

3.         Focus. A collaborative type of team player concentrates on the team, not himself or herself. Cavett Roberts said it right: "True progress in any field is a relay race and not a single event," so the focus is different.

4.         Results. You begin to create victories through multiplication.

One is too small of a number to produce greatness. In fact, nothing can be accomplished in a great way without help. You have to learn to collaborate. You have to learn to come together. When you're developing a team that collaborates, it begins to be aggressive, not just agreeable. And it begins to accomplish a vision that mere cooperation never would allow.

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New York City Welcomes Tim Tebow To The Team

Tim Tebow is traded to the Jets just a week after Payton Manning signs with Denver. This comes as no surprise, as all indications pointed Read more

Celebrities XXXPosed - Crossing Boundaries

Celebrities XXXPosed are everywhere, the internet, radios stations, and televisions. In recent wake of seeing pictures of Rihanna stepping out into Da Silvano Restaurant in New York wearing a completely see through top makes me ask the question: are celebrities making horrible wardrobe choices over and over again, or are they exposing themselves to keep our eyes glued? I love Rihanna’s tracks, but she’s an artist that’s revealed more skin than top 10 hits. Harsh? No! She pulled the exact same stunt during Diddy’s New Year’s Eve bash, and this time exposing enough to see jewelry. Read more

Was the Death of Trayvon Martin Justified or Racist

I just heard about the store on March 20, 2010 and I was shocked and appalled. Trayvon Martin was murdered in the fatal Feb. 26 shooting by George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch in Sanford Florida. This man took his job a little bit too seriously. He would patrol his neighborhood every night looking for crime. On this particular night George Zimmerman spotted Trayvon Martin walking home from a convenient store. Trayvon Martin was an unfamiliar face to him so Zimmerman thought he was suspicious, so he began to follow Trayvon Martin . While following him George Zimmerman called the cops stating, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good or like he’s on drugs or something.” This is what George Zimmerman said to a Sanford Police Department operator. Read more

Whitney Houston Death Blood Sacrifice

Rumors are saying that the Whitney Houston death was a blood sacrifice. Sound far fetched? Well maybe not. Ever hear about the Illuminati Read more

Denver has Been Given an Early Christmas Present with Peyton Manning

It’s 43 degrees and sunny in Denver, but the temperature feels hotter in Broncos country today. The buzz is ridiculous here in Denver. Bronco Mania will remember where they were, and what they were doing this afternoon when they heard the news. It is now official as of today, Peyton Manning will be suiting up in blue and orange next season. On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Peyton signed a 5 year 96 million dollar contract to play for the wild horses. I live in the Denver area, and there is not much here that people get excited about more than Broncos football. Read more

War Crimes Running Rampant in South Sudan

An absolute mega crisis is brewing in South Sudan. 3,000+ were said to have been killed in a raid dating back to December of last year. Though this number could not be verified by the UN Mission, it is obvious that the attack produced a large number of casualties. The raid took place in the once peaceful county of Pibor. It was a devastating attack of at least 6,000 Luo-Nuer soldiers. As of Tuesday, March, 13th the raids continued. At least 200 are reported dead, and several hundred more are severely wounded and/or missing. If you saw the video that leaked, you know how bad the situation has grown. These attacks have come in waves dating back to the beginning of the year. President Salva Kiir, made a desperate move in attempt to bring these ruthless attacks to a halt, by deploying at least 12,000 soldiers and police officers. These men were sent out to seize weapons from civilians on the streets of South Sudan. The process could supposedly take up to a year to retrieve all of the weapons. Read more

Basketball March Madness The Ticket To The NCAA Men's Tournament

It's the big dance. March Madness Basketball 2012. It's the place where all hopes and dreams are spilled onto the court for this month long event. It's the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Each year a committee of experts come together to select the best 68 teams in the country to compete in this single elimination extravaganza. The tournament is spread out across four neutral locations. The teams are divided into a core bracket containing four regional brackets, one for each location. Each team is given a seed based on team performance, and a number of statistics analyzed by the committee. It is a big honor for coaches and players to have their team selected amongst the field of 68. For the players, this could be their big chance to show the country that they can ball with big boys. For the seniors, this is their last chance to perform for their school, and show scouts they have what it takes to play in the NBA. Read more

Beyonce Baby Conspiracy Did She Really Have One

I went back and reread my own article I realized that my conspiracy theory was on point. I believe that Beyoncé didn’t really want a baby but she didn’t want to lose Jay in the process. Read more
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