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Exploiting the Ignorance of the American Voter

If one was to listen to Black radio in major American cities, one might think Jesus Christ was running for reelection in 2012. If one were to listen to Democratic Party loyalists on TV or in print, one would think FDR’s Black reincarnation was running for reelection this year Read more

No Limit Larry Joins Chris Brown

Recent GRAMMY Award winner, Chris Brown, will join CBS Radio personality, Nolimit Larry and Vyzion, at the NC Music Factory on Thurs., March 1 during the annual CIAA Tournament. This huge event brings over 100,000 people to Charlotte Feb. 27th through March 4th. Read more

Your First Impression Is A Lasting Impression

You're sitting in your vehicle. I see you and I don't know what to think. Seeing you just takes me to a different place. You have amazing eyes. Your smile is perfect and wonderful. I want to say hi, but instead I just smile and look away. I walk to my car and I admit it; I sit there a little bit longer because I just want to see you get out the car and see the rest of you. You finally get out and there is only one thing that crosses my mind...Please pull your pants up! Seriously, I waited here for this? Read more

Super Fashion Mogul Glynn Jackson

Glynn Jackson, President and CEO of Glynn Jackson “The Agency”, has for the past 26 years established himself as “The Maven of Everything

"Glynn Jackson"Fabulous” its not hot if not Glynn Jackson. As the creator and founder of the high caliber hair event The Golden Scissors Awards Mr. Jackson has heightened the level of excellence in the hair industry locally, nationally and internationally.

While there are other hair shows, for the past 21 years, The Golden Scissors Awards has been recognized and considered as the Oscars of the hair industry. Glamorous Gowns by Glynn Jackson blends sophistication with urban chic in a dazzling display of disparate concepts. Jackson believes that the relationship between hair, beauty and fashion is passion. 202-452-7445 Ext 1 or 202.906.0680

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Bobby Brown Writing Tell-All Book

Really Bobby, really!? I am so upset about this news.  Bobby Brown is peddling tell-all book about life with Whitney Houston.  Ok, so the reality show was enough for me, then all the gossip blogs "Bobby Brown"about Whitney and now this?   Less than two weeks after the death of his ex-wife, singer Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown is back in the spotlight. A new report is surfacing that Brown, who wrote a tell-all back in 2008 about his life with the pop star, is working to get the book published.   Brown's recent return to the spotlight after Houston’s Feb. 11 death brings a better market for the story and a chance for Brown to cash in.   One major publisher of the Huffington Post says, “Now is the time for a book that details an honest look into the life of Whitney."   Brown and Houston’s tumultuous marriage began in 1992, around the time her film career took off with “The Bodyguard.” Brown’s musical headlines were soon eclipsed by his ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol, and Houston had her own substance struggles. The two divorced in 2007.   The road to print may not be so simple for Brown, however, as he reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement as part of the couple's divorce, and he has their 18-year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, to consider. And after he abruptly left the singer’s funeral on Saturday, Houston's family is already reportedly not fond of her ex.   I know, we all wanted to feel bad for Bobby when he left the funeral because of not being able to sit next to his daughter, but now we have the other side of the story.  Looks to me the family is protecting Bobbi Kristina from the potential emotional danger her father will be stirring up over making some money!   He should be respecting his daughter and especially his ex wife who’s grave site doesn’t even have grass growing on it yet.  Bobby, burry that book, your daughter will love you for it.   Steph    

Committing Murder

It's All Fun and Games, Until Someone ...

    We're all guilty of it. We've talked about someone behind their backs. We've been "fake". We've made someone feel so bad about a situation. We've gotten pleasure out of someone else's pain. We've "Bullying"tried our best to tear a person down. You've probably just read these things and thought to yourself, "No, I've never done anything like this before." Well, let me inform you of something. You may not have done everything that I just listed, but you've at least done one of them. In fact, you've probably even done something that I haven't listed. If we want people to be honest with us, we need to start being honest with ourselves first. We're not happy about it and you would have to be a cold person to even brag about it. However, I do advise you to acknowledge it and try not to ever let it happen again. How do I know that you've done this or these things? Well, I've done at least one of them, if not a few. Let's continue.

  For some reason, we have an epidemic going on and it's not a positive thing at all. In the nation, we have a serious issue with people being mean to one another. No, I'm not just talking about bullying. I could do a whole piece about that alone. I'm talking about the fact that we are finding a sick pleasure out of hurting each other. I'm not talking about physically, but instead, I'm talking about those scars that you cannot see. Well, actually, you can see them, you just choose not to.

  Every single day, people are getting hurt at the hands of other people. We only see stories about murders on the news when someone has taken someone else's life, but have you ever stopped to consider that in your own right, you are a murdered too? Need and explanation? I'll be happy to give you one...or a few.

  Let me talk to the cheaters of the world (and yes, I'm talking to both sexes). When you cheat on your mate, you hurt them. That whole nonsense about "what they don't know won't hurt them" is just that, NONSENSE! The person that is getting cheated on goes through all of the different emotions and it even tears their self-esteem. You have hurt them to the point where they just felt low. You took that something out of there system that once made them feel on top of the world. They don't have it anymore. So, I guess that makes you a thief and a murderer. You stole their something and you killed their something.

  Let me talk to the haters of the world. You see someone doing really well and you just cannot stand it. You then go around and start talking junk or bring up something from the past (that is usually a few years old) just to make that person feel bad. Is it really worth it? What have you really accomplished? However, what you have done is hurt someone so bad that you have killed a little bit of that thing inside of them that made them who they are. In other words, you murdered that part of them.

  Let me talk to the bullies of the world. You can find ANYTHING to talk about. You talk about their sexual orientation. You talk about their size. You talk about their heritage. You talk about whatever makes them different from you. When you do that, you hurt them. When you hurt them, you kill something inside of them. You have just become a murderer.

  Here's the thing. All of us placed in this big world are going to share two commonalities. We are going to be born and we are going to die. Now, what you do in between those two events, that is your business. However, I just cannot see myself spending that time (however long it may be) committing murder.

  On this side of the journey and depending on where you are in the world, murder holds a sentence of 25 to life (without parole), death by stoning, death by lethal injection, death by firing squad, and some other means. Then at the end of this journey on this side, we have to stand before The Judge. I have enough on my sheet right now to not add murder (or the murder of anyone else) to the list. If those sentences are what is handed down here on the land that we walk on, what do you expect for Him to do when we meet up with him face to face?

  We have to stop doing this to each other. Many of you are finishing the title of this blog with two words and it is the phrase that is heard most often. The two words that could finish this title is gets hurt. However, there is one word replacing those two today. The words is dies. There are people (our friends, our neighbors, out coworkers) that are out here taking their own lives because we have murdered something inside of them. The internal death they are feeling is so strong that it turns into the external and eternal death.

  I understand that we've all been hurt and whether we want to own up to it or not, we've all done something to hurt someone. We can recover from our hurts and injuries. Now, we may not necessarily recover completely and return to 100%, but we will be better than what we were when we first got injured. However, keep this one fact in mind - there is no recovering from death.

    Shayla Em


Chris Brown Versus Miranda Lambert

2012 Grammy Award Winner Chris Brown Versus Miranda Lambert

Who? Who is Amanda Lambert? Sorry if I am not hip to country music but I have no idea who she is. But anyway, it is said that she had it in for Chris Brown. Amanda bashed Chris Brown and the "Chris Brown"Grammys because he was allowed to perform on the Grammys. She feels like he shouldn’t have been allowed to perform because of his assault on Rihanna back in 2009. Ok I didn’t like what Chris Brown did to Rihanna but I don’t think it should affect his career. He did his time for the crime. So why bash. Now when I was doing research, it seems to me that Amanda is using Chris Brown to boost her image and her sales.

At a concert on February 16 at the University of Massachusetts, Lambert was about to sing her song “Gunpowder and Lead” (What a name) which is about a woman who kills her abusive husband. Wait side bar… Amanda’s song “Gunpowder and Lead” is similar to Rihanna’s song “Man Down”. Anyway before she began she spotted a sign in the audience that read, “Take Notes Chris Brown.” So Amanda held up the poster and asked that audience to take pictures of it and tweet it. Well that’s what they did.

The photo went viral and it eventually got back to Chris Brown. He didn’t take it well and I don’t blame him. I understand Amanda being against domestic violence, but to start to involve Chris personally in it is ridiculous. Get a life and stop riding his coat tail. Actions like this seem like pure jealousy. So Chris responded on twitter saying, “Using my name to get publicity? I Love it! Perform your heart out!” Then he wrote, “Go buy @miranda_lambert album! So motivational and PERFECT!”  I think his comeback was funny and well put. Why would she even put herself in the middle of that situation? I know a lot of people have their opinions on the situation and a lot of people aren’t happy about Chris and Rihanna now working together again, but for Amanda to actually talk about Chris at her show is lame and far fetched. Side bar… Chris and Rihanna just released two songs, "Birthday Cake" and "Turn Up the Music" remixes.  Anyway if Amanda needs sales that bad then step your game up. Chris Brown is on the top of his game regardless of what happen in 2009. Keyword in the last sentence is 2009, because what Chris Brown did was in the past not the present and if Rihanna can forgive and let go then everyone else can too. Really it’s no one’s business but Rihanna’s and Chris and Amanda has no right to bash Chris Brown.

Tread lightly Amanda because you might cross that line to defaming his character. He went to court and did his time. Did she not forget this? You can’t keep beating a person up for their past. Chris Brown will never be able to get over it and move on and be a better person if people like Amanda Lambert keep crap going. If she didn’t like the Grammy’s decision to let Chris perform then don’t ever go on the show again. Amanda needs to find another outlet, because trust your performance will never touch Chris Brown’s performances nor will your sales. Sorry, Ms. Luvly stepped left for a min. But it is what it is.

Amanda Lambert is just looking to spike her sale. Stop riding the coat tails of others, get a life and do some serious grind of your own to make it happen…

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Diamond Jo NC's next American Model Is Ripping The Runways

Diamond Kiara Helms (born November 6th, 1989), known by her stage name as Diamond Jo

, is a high fashion, runway, print, and video model. She resides in Knightdale, NC and is the epitome of style, class, and grace. Diamond has been modeling for a short one year and "diamond jo"six months and has quickly took the industry by storm with her captivating beauty and elegance.

Diamond Jo was born in Winston-Salem, NC, she is the daughter of Inga and Tommy Massenburg. She has 3 siblings, two younger twin brothers Jaden & Joshua Massenburg, and a little sister, Davan Massenburg. She attended East Wake middle school and graduated from Knightdale High School in 2008. Since her early school days, she has always aspired to be a model. She took acting and modeling classes at John Casablanca, from 2002-2003. Modeling is in the soon to be star's genes, her aunt Dinah Smith, sister of Inga Massenburg was also a model for multiple known companies. Diamond Jo is ready to work with the likes of Tyra Banks.

During the summer of 2010, Diamond Jo was finally inspired by her manager, who is also her best friend Tushiyah Yisrael to take her dreams serious. Diamond was invited to her first photo shoot with an associate, photographer was Corey Jenkins. That August, Diamond had her first photo shoot alone with the photographer Don Webster, at Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC. It was in that special moment of reviewing her pictures, she developed a deep passion for  modeling and knew a high fashion model is what she was destined to be. Diamonds next photo shoot was booked with photographer Rick Crank, her elegance and perfection with print modeling began to flourish. Diamond then was booked with many photographers in the area: Sam Taylor, Mel Brown, Evin Grant with Grant Photography, Marcia Sutton with Gracious Images, Tori McKoy, Glenn Parson, Carey Smith, James Ward, Travis Bell and Bvision photography. Finally, Diamond Jo was picked to work with the well known and respected photographer Larry Dickson in a Runaway Bride photo shoot, and with Social, The magazine's photographer Terrence Jones, who started J1s photography.

Along with working with these photographers, Diamond Jo has done a host of runway shows. She started with a Hair Show for Miller Motte , in Fayetteville, NC. The model then learned to runway walk in February of 2011 and by March the model mastered the craft and did her first runway show at Zydeco's Bar and Lounge hosted by Tori McKoy. Other fashion shows Diamond has walked in includes; Dominiques Boutique: A touch of class, A touch of Sass, High Point University Fashion Event, Beauty For Ashes: Fancy, Fly, and Fierce Fashion show, North Carolina Diva's that Rock, New Act City Competition Fashion show (in Greensboro, NC),  Hype Hair Fashion Show, V Fashion Show: Durham Vintage Fashion Show, Stilllife Three Wishes Fashion Show, All White Convention Fashion Show, and Fashion at Club Passions: Nepenthe Show Casing.

Diamond Jo is not only a well experienced model but is also an ambitious college student, Majoring in Business Administration. She is the complete package of brains and beauty. In all, Diamond aspires to own an eclectic vintage boutique along with becoming a Victoria Secret Angel. Despite the challenges Diamond Jo will and have been through she puts all her trust in God Almighty, Diamond is sure to be known as one of the greatest and to leave a legacy young women can look up too forever. She quotes, "Once a fan, you will always be a fan!"

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