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Ms Luvly

Vyzion Internet Radio is proud to present its newest addition, The Ms Luvly Radio Show. The show will be airing every Tuesday through out the day. The Ms Luvly Show will give you the latest in Hip Hop and R&B news and gossip. Ms Luvly is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has been in the music business since her teenage years. Having an ear for music, Ms Luvly has managed a few artists as well as currently working on her own project. In 2010, she became the music editor for internet magazine, Through the flourishing new relationship between and Vyzion Internet Radio Ms Luvly was given an opportunity to write articles for Vyzion Internet Radio. This would eventually lead to Ms Luvly being asked to join Vyzion Internet Radio’s A&R Team. With her extensive knowledge of the music industry and stunning reviews of her articles, Ms Luvly was next asked to head her own show for Vyzion Internet Radio. The Ms Luvly will be filled with the latest news and gossip in the hip hop/R&B community and the newest tracks from known and independent artist. The show will also feature interviews of various artist and other entertaining segments. Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Vyzion Internet Radio line up: The Ms Luvly Show. Let’s all wish them much success on their upcoming endeavors. This show is sure to be an international hit and will be heard all over the world. For more information and show times for The Ms Luvly Show, please visit You can also get your free Iphone and Droid applications at the website or at your smartphone Application Market. Vyzion Internet Radio brings your clean party music from some of the best Dj’s from all around the world. Vyzion Internet Radio is also family and corporate function friendly and follows strict FCC guidelines. The is no need to worry about good clean music because Vyzion Internet Radio has all of that and more. Please visit to see each of the Dj’s EPK. For booking information, please contact “Without direction there is no vision. With Vyzion, there iS direction” (Vyzion is pronounced as vision)  

Employment For Full time Account Executive Job Posting

Vyzion Radio is seeking sales professionals to fill immediate openings for full and part-time sales positions. Outside sales experience and knowledge of the local areas are preferred. Training in radio sales will be provided. In order to be considered, candidate will have valid drivers license and reliable transportation, basic computer skills, excellent writing skills, and be able to navigate the internet. Read more

Lil Wayne vs Lil Girl

Media Take Out has a tendency of getting off the wall stories. I look for sources everyday when looking for stories but I must admit that I never get any stories from Media Take Out. So here is the new twist. All credit to Media Take Out for this jacked up story. They wanted credit so here it goes. Media Take Out put out a story on August 19 saying that Lil Wayne slept with a 16 year old girl. Supposedly they said that she tried to get with Lil Wayne at his show in OTTAWA Canada but was unsuccessful so she caught a bus and rode two hours to Montreal Canada to see him. This time she was fortunate. Read more

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Break Up Rumors Are False

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Break Up Rumors Are False

  I knew it!!! This is why I waited patiently to write this story. This is why I would not let anyone else write the story. This is

  why I knew that no one loves Will Smith and Jada Pinkett as much as I do. I knew that the rumors about their divorce were completely false. So on Monday August 22, 2011 rumors hit the fan that Will and Jada broke up. I was thinking, “What the Hell!” I was like NO ! Will and Jada are like an Icon. Married couples look up to them and respect and admire their union. They have been one of the longest black celebrity marriages. There is also Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. They have been married for a long time too. After hearing the rumors both Will and Jada released joint statements saying, "Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false.

  We are still together, and our marriage is intact." So many people were devastated at the thought of this amazing couple breaking up. Will and Jada have two beautiful, talented children together, Jaden and Willow Smith and Will has one son from his previous marriage, Trey. They have built a power house of a family. How could you not look at them and be devastated by the thought of a possible relationship demise. Many people joked that the earthquake that happened on Tue Aug 23 was a result of their break up. Will Smith's Facebook page was hit up by many fans expressing their disappointment. There was also rumors that Will’s son Trey twittered that it wasn’t true. But that turned out to be a fake person. Side bar… What the heck was that person thinking pretending to be Wills son? What do people get out of these stupid actions? Anyway the whole story started from In Touch Weekly. I am going to treat them like I treated Media Takeout. What were they thinking?

  Ok, so an anonymous person gives them information and they run with it? So this means that anyone and their mother can call or write anyone of these magazines and tell them whatever they want and the magazines will print it as truth. There was no maybe or allegedly, it was printed as FACT. That’s what disturbs me. That’s as bad as when Robert Fitzpatrick said the world was going to end on May 2 and that never happened. But everyone chose to believe that mess. I think that people are attracted to the negative. It is really sad. I bet there were a lot of people hoping that the Will and Jada story was true. I wasn’t at all. It saddened me. I like Will Smith; he reminds me a lot of my brother. He is very honest and spiritual. He has great wisdom that he is always willing to share with everyone. I have watched clips of Will on you tube. He speaks so eloquently. Is it so hard to even remember The Fresh prince and Jada, she grew up to be such an amazing woman and mother. She went from the attitude having Jena James in the show A Different World to this driven strong individual that we see today. I remember not liking her in A Different World. But I love her now. I love what they represent as a couple. I love that they give other people someone to look up to. We need role models like Will and Jada in the black community, in a time when marriages don’t last and divorce rates are high. Usually Will and Jada won’t even entertain such rumors but I think these rumors got out of hand. Thank you Will and Jada for setting the record straight. I knew it wasn’t true and I am glad I waited patiently to write this story. I pray that your marriage lasts forever…

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  Ms. Luvly

  Spin Live Weekly


Rolling Stone Chooses Miley Cyrus Worst Dress

  Rolling Stone Chooses Miley Cyrus

Rolling Stone has polled its readers and has come up with the Rolling Stone Readers Choose the Worst Cover Songs of All Time list. This top ten list consists of various artists from Madonna to Alien Ant Farm, however topping the list is Miley Cyrus with her rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. On May 13, 2011 Miley Cyrus did a cover of the song at her concert in Rio de Janeiro. I watched the video that was posted on Rolling Stone with objectivity and then I sat back. Trying desperately to get the image out of my head I started typing in the words to get the original video on my screen. I immediately saw what Miley was missing and what she got wrong. Miley Cyrus was trying to rock this song out a bit too much. She was screaming lyrics and at the same time over pronouncing them. There was a lot of hair tossing back and forth. At one point, it even looked like she was holding her crotch.

  Watching the Kurt Cobain helmed original you saw this grunge clad guitarist casually walk towards a camera singing in a cool nondescript way. With slightly slurred words and controlled vocals on the chorus this guy was laid back. These three guys weren’t trying hard to be who they were because at the time they were creating a new sound and style that would usher a new generation. This came so easy to them because they lived it. Miley Cyrus can’t duplicate it because she can’t understand it. With a song like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” you can’t just go out and belt it like a rock tune, you have to marinate it first then finish big. Miley came out and started rocking right away. There was no coolness involved whatsoever.

Others have also tried to cover this song: Tori Amos, The Melvins featuring Leif Garrett, The Moog Cookbook with a synthesizer based version, Dokaka with a beatbox version, Paul Anka with a swing version, and tribute versions by the Xorcist, Blanks 77 and Beki Bondage.

  I think the best cover was done by jazz trio The Bad Plus, who recorded it for their “These Are the Vistas” cd, which is a great cd that I recommend highly. The one thing, however, about all these various artists covering this new classic is that they bring something new and different to “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I wasn’t even impressed with Dokaka’s beatbox version but I see where he was going with his sound. What makes Miley Cyrus’ place on this list, with this particular song, even more noteworthy is that we are coming on the twentieth anniversary of songs released on the album, “Nevermind.” Nevermind was released September 24, 1991 and went on to become certified Diamond selling over 30 million copies worldwide. To celebrate this anniversary, “Nevermind” will be remastered and released on September 27th with awesome extras such as never-before-heard music, B sides, alternate mixes and an entire live show. Miley Cyrus wasn’t the only well known celebrity to make this top 10 list; she had pretty good company. Here’s the complete top 10 list:

  10 – William Shatner – “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

9-Jessica Simpson-“These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”

8-Avril Lavigne-“Imagine’

7-Britney Spears-“I Love Rock & Roll”

6-Alien Ant Farm-“Smooth Criminal”

5-Britney Spears-“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

4-Sheryl Crow-“Sweet Child O’ Mine”

3-Madonna-“American Pie”

2-Limp Bizkit-“Behind Blue Eyes”

1-Miley Cyrus-“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

To check out this list in detail go to There you can see the videos and hear the songs on this list. When you get to Miley’s number one entry, however, just brace yourself.

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  Kenny Walker Jr.


Spin Live Weekly


DJ Sunny at Cafe Beyond

With all the things to do in raleigh, Vyzion brings you the best of entertainment, dance and music. Vyzion Internet Radio DJ Sunny at cafe berond in Raleigh NC Read more

Dj Sunny Hosts MadTraxxx

With all the things to do in raleigh, Vyzion brings you the best of entertainment, dance and music. Vyzion Internet Radio DJ Sunny hosts MadTraxxx in Raleigh NC

Dj Sunny hosts All African Party

With all the things to do in raleigh, Vyzion brings you the best of entertainment, dance and music. Vyzion Internet Radio DJ Sunny hosts the all African Party in Raleigh NC Read more

Speak Easy Talk Show

Speak Easy Talk show hosted by Vyzion Radio DJ Sunny Read more

Raleigh Nightlife

One word, Success!!! Vyzion Internet Radio and Double R Promotions hosted the Raleigh Nightlife Euphoria Friday and Vyzion Radio Kickoff Party with DJ Paradime. Vyzion and Double R Promotions was proud to have one of NC’s elite party Dj’s hosting the Raleigh Nightlife Euphoria Friday and Vyzion Internet Radio Kickoff Party at the Oliver Twist Lounge. Vyzion Internet Radio and Double R Promotions was successful in believing that this was an excellent event with the reputation of Vyzion Internet Radio , Double R Promotions and Dj Paradime.

Dj Paradime hosted the Raleigh Nightlife Euphoria Friday and Vyzion Internet Radio Kick-Off Party at The Oliver Twist Lounge. Paradime has over five years of experience, deejaying all across the U.S. including cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. He has deejayed the biggest Asian Student Association college parties with over 700 people in attendance. With 10 mix tapes under his producing belt, Paradime truly prides himself in the fact that his mix tapes are not pause tapes as he actually puts a lot of work into these tapes, as they are just not shouting from song to song. These mix tapes have been circulating everywhere from magazine reviews to the hands of veterans in the industry while gaining the respect of all who come across them. With all that, Vyzion was honored to have such a musically influential Dj hosting the Vyzion Internet Radio Kick Off Party at the Oliver Twist Lounge Friday, August 12. Dj Paradime kept the party rocking till the doors closed, spinning the favorites of yesterday and today.

Dj Ty aka Mr. Hip Hop NC from Vyzion Internet Radio also hosted this epic event, giving away gifts for the ladies from Pricilla’s Lingerie Store on Capital Blvd, Raleigh. Dj Ty was the life of the party for the Vyzion Internet Radio Kickoff Party keeping everyone laughing and dancing all night long. For Dj Ty’s full EPK and booking information, please go to

By: Evin Grant Photography was also at Raleigh Nightlife Euphoria Friday’s taking photos of all the beautiful people at this event. By: Evin Grant Photography provides you with priceless images and a personalized experience. Family portraits, engaged couples, weddings, events, fashion shows, glamour and fashion, to children and pets, by: Grant Photography is able to adjust to you needs that you will talk about for days and cherish for years.

Vyzion Internet Radio and Double R Promotions co-promoted the Raleigh Nightlife Euphoria Friday’s August 12 at the Oliver Twist Lounge, Raleigh, with a brand new signature drink named “The V”. This extra sexy drink was perfect for Oliver Twist’s sophisticated atmosphere. “The V” will have anyone that is enjoying this drink “Smoking Hot”.

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