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Archive for July 2011



The Host of The Vyzion Muzicheadz Show Martha Samasoni is going to rekindle her passion for Radio with the Muzicheadz Show Read more

DJ Halo Effect Joins Vyzion Radio Elite DJ Team

DJ Halo Effect from San Francisco, California joins the Vyzion Elite team on Vyzion Internet Radio Read more

Hiphopnc | DJ Ty Takes Over Vyzion Radio

Dj Ty aka Mr HipHopNC - Joins Vyzion Internet Radio Mr Hip Hop NC loves the challenge of “rocking any crowd”, and a great playlist but specializes in old-school hip-hop, R&B, reggae, rock and top 40. Read more

REDI Knights

The REDI Knights are DJ's Matt Lomax & Jay Blundell. Based in Bolton in the north west of England they've been rockin' in the UK's clubs and bars since the 90's, with a combined experience of over 30 years they're extremely well versed in the art of moving the crowd. Read more

Times They Are A Changing in 10 Minutes from Pablo Dylan to Bob Dylan

Pablo Dylan is a young man who broke into the Hip-Hop scene with a new mixtape, "10 Minutes", and was born with a very big shadow cast over him. If the last name doesn't sound familiar to you, then you may want to double check your knowledge of music history. Read more

Amy Winehouse Death And Sales Spike

Amy Winehouse passed away July 23 2011 and was laid to rest July 26, 2011 and today July 27th there is reports that her music sales spiked. Read more

American Idols Earnings

American Idols Earnings, About 10 years ago who would have thought this article believable Read more

Music Tour Dates

Loud music rips through the air and the fans go wild, exhilarated by the sight of their icon's live performance of their favorite song. Energy levels are to the roof! Shrieks and shrill cries are offered up in gratitude, though a bit too strident sometimes to be appreciated by anyone within close Read more

R Kelly Recovers Close Call

R Kelly whose real name is Robert Kelly now 44, is recovering from throat surgery. Read more

J Lo and Marc Anthony Split

Okay so I am a little late with this story but it must be told. J Lo split from Marc Anthony and they are getting a divorce. Wow I am truly amazed. What is, is with these celebrity couples nowadays. Read more
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